Aaliyah Garnett
Graphic Design

Throughout history there have been systems strategically built into our society that cause injustice for individuals who identify as black. A reflection of those systems can be seen in the recent design census constructed by AIGA (The American Institution of Graphic Artist) from 2019 that shows only 3 percent of designers identify as black/African American. Since black individuals are not originally native of America their history is grounded on

displacement and followed by a continuous search of identity in a society that has been conditioned to exclude and misrepresent them in different forms of media. This is important to be aware of while both learning and experiencing design because it has the power to influence individuals, shape culture and create effects in the world that can be around for generations.

The article The Black Experience in Graphic Design: 1968 and 2020 is considered the first in the mainstream to directly address the impact of the systems that affect the experience of black designers in their own words. Along with the conversation are collages that show issues relating to the low number of black designers that emphasize how design has excluded black individuals prior to them being able to have access in the field.