Alize Henson
Photography & Media

Family Lineage explores personal histories from my childhood and the traumatic phases of verbal abuse I experienced that have manifested into my insecurities in my adult life. In almost five years I have immensely grown in terms of introspection and confidence. But my confidence was only established with the lingering presence of my past. To be emotionally confident isn’t something I hear often, actually: I’ve mostly heard the term “emotional” associated with a negative connotation. This social defamation of the word has led to so many opinions of other people telling me to “move on” from my past—to “grow and forget about this awful experience”—wanting me to almost obliterate all my memories of the horrifying reality that was my childhood.

But while acknowledging this was a traumatic experience, it has also become the fundamentals of my perception and how I view everything. I will always have an “emotional lens” on life, but that lens was how I molded my entire life into my creativity. All my memories, everything that's influenced me, and the fascination I have with the human perception is what Family Lineage has become: It is about my personal histories and the symbolic items that have formed my vulnerabilities; the negative influences that have established my values; and the emotional drive that has influenced how I make art.