Ana Clara Leonard
Photography & Media

While questioning my own life, I have gravitated toward the proximal documentation of my contemporaries as I peer into the fluctuating state of the intimate human experience as an onlooker. The use of image-making and videography allows for me to attempt to give myself and viewers an opportunity to pause on chance moments between bodies that are happening either between me and the subject, or naturally between human bodies in one space. A question I often ask myself is “how can I make invisible moments visible?” Because my work has the ability to be a continuous process of documentation, I am constantly in a cycle of reflection to production as I grow my body of work through mediums that allow me to be directly observational.

My work is centered on lived experience and the world around me. Because of this, it has shifted between contrasting themes of proximity, physicality, intimacy, and body language to current relevant themes of distance and isolation. I feel there is a deep sense of truth and authenticity that emerges on the plane of direct physical experience, a truth I look to represent in my work. Whether I am documenting moments of proximity and physicality at the center or attempting to depict the experiences of a world that is currently going through an abnormal detachment of community, I cling to representing what feels like truth.