Briana Fitch
Graphic Design

Briana Fitch is a designer who is interested in utilizing different materials and mediums using both digital and analog processes. The majority of Fitch’s work is image-based: she is intrigued by the power images have on influencing the thoughts and ideas of others. Fitch uses design as a tool to challenge people's ways of thinking about social, race, and gender issues.

Fitch will receive a BFA in Graphic Design at The University of Chattanooga in 2022. Fitch’s current thesis, titled Am I Enough, attempts to deconstruct, through the technique of collage, the deeply-rooted narrative of Eurocentric ideals and beauty standards that have a negative impact on black women in America. Fitch’s undergraduate thesis work will be on view in the 2022 BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art at UTC.

Artist Statement:

There have been moments in my life growing up where I’ve stopped and wondered “am I enough?” Because as a black woman in America, I don’t meet the typical standard of beauty. My identity is a construct of figuring out who I am as an individual in society. Society privileges white people and ideals which are through the media and culture, while also emphasizing whiteness as being the epitome of beauty.

This series of collages, Am I Not Enough, reflects upon how not only me, but other black women have, for years, had to adapt or act in a certain way to fit societal norms. I use the materiality of collage through – the ripping and tearing of imagery – to emphasize and reconstruct ideas of beauty, race, and standards. For each collage, I utilize various components such as vintage advertisements, photographs of myself, text, and found imagery from the media. By hand and digitally, I manipulate the imagery from the vintage advertisements and media to deconstruct the deeply-rooted narrative of Eurocentric beauty standards that have a negative impact on black women in America. Through the use of imagery of myself from a child to now, I reflect upon my own experiences with trying to change my own identity to conform to society’s ideals of beauty.