Carter Cavin 
Photography & Media

Carter Cavin (b. 1999) is a photography and media artist who explores emotion and senses that are a part of the human experience and how these things connect us to one another. He often interviews and speaks with the people around him to think about the human experience from a variety of perspectives and the way those perspectives are connected to one another.
In his current series Lorem Ipsum, he explores personal disassociation through a series of images of vacant spaces.  These spaces are depicted in a separate form from their designed purpose, mirroring the lack of identity and timelessness that comes from episodes of personal disassociation. Cavin holds a BFA in Photography and Media Art from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga (2022). His work will be on view in the 2022 BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art at UTC.

Lorem Ipsum, 2021

Artist Statement:

In my current work, titled Lorem Ipsum, I am photographically exploring spaces that presently exist in transition between two states of being. While locations exist in this threshold of transition, they are often labeled as liminal spaces. Lorem Ipsum explores the feelings of disassociation that these spaces can make an individual feel when presented as an image. I document these liminal spaces through photographs with the intent to display them in a way that provides the viewer with the same sense of dysphoria that is experienced by being in the space.

As I approached the creative process to develop Lorem Ipsum I considered my own experience with disassociation and depersonalization. Disassociation causes the senses to be dulled and a lack of personal connection to myself, a feeling of vacancy occupies my headspace, causing me to move without purpose and operate as a backseat driver in my own day to day life. I thought about these spaces, stuck in liminality, without purpose, and their representation of the same sense of vacancy as I have experienced. The images in this series allow for a visual representation of the disassociation from oneself. This allows room for the viewer to also feel the same lack of self as the spaces that are being shown in the images.
Lorem Ipsum is anchored in senses, feelings, and emotions, that people experience in liminal space and the personal disassociation the spaces cause. Lorem Ipsum provides an opportunity for consideration of the vacuous feelings of disassociation that are represented by these spaces. In completing this work, I can explore both the dysphoria and comfortability that can be found in vacant space and present that to the viewer.