Cassidy Reynolds
Photography & Media

Cassidy Reynolds (American, b. 2000) connects the internal relationship with the external in the process of remembering memories and revisiting them in a space that she can decode, and embrace the emotions that are connected with the time and the relationships of that time. She states that “ all of my work is based on my own self-reflection that materializes in therapeutic textures to soften the emotional onslaught.”

In her current work, Patchwork Therapy, is a multi-media installment that feeds off of that space of internal emotions into an outward comfort. The images themselves are specifically landscapes that are a memory that she reoccurs to, while the knotting and fraying of the fabric is her physical process of these memories. Reynolds holds a BFA in Photography and Media Art at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (2022), with her current work up at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Gallery on campus for her thesis show.

Images from “Patchwork Therapy,” 2021-2022

Artist Statement:

Patchwork Therapy is my current body of work  that looks at the aesthetic mind mapping and emotional response to certain relationships in  memories. These relationships are personal ones that I have with people who are close to me: Memories that have built up over the years. I want to explore the vastness of relationships in memory and pinpoint certain ones that have been full of juxtaposing emotions -- Happiness, joy and empowerment live alongside frustration, resentment, and anxiousness. Emotions in memories live within you and surround you. They make up what is a patchwork of mental state and I wanted to bring that into tactility.

For this series of work, a multi- tactile piece of collage work comprising yarn, photographs, and cyanotypes, I wanted to play with my aesthetic of harsher and more jagged imagery with the softness of yarn and the interaction of the viewer. These are based off of memories that I find to have fond moments of, however the state of being of the revealed yet concealed relates to me not wanting to fully make public on what has happened since then.  The color palette centers around neutrals and golds and the photographs are in black and white. These colors have a calming effect on my physical presence. The labor of the knotting is my physical process of pulling all the emotions together to catch the memories that they are about in a web like structure. This skews the images behind the web along with the fabric some of the images are printed on. This circles back to how emotions in memory come and go with time and circumstance. That the mapping of emotions will always map on top of and within memory.