Elizabeth Wheeler
Painting & Drawing

Trying to accomplish anything feels like I am threading a needle that cannot be threaded; everyone else has not only threaded their needles but sewn entire garments. Brushing my teeth, folding laundry, trimming my toenails, and remembering to eat and drink water are all big challenges for me. I am not lazy. I am exhausted. So much of my time is spent correcting, limiting, redirecting and sometimes hating my brain. There are piles everywhere. Nothing is stimulating enough for me. I cannot find motivation until I have seventeen important things to do, which I try to do all at once. My brain pins me down, keeping me from urgent tasks. What I think is one minute could actually be twenty. I’m always late for something. My brain is clogged with information yet rarely able to use it. Understanding that the way my brain functions is not a personal weakness but points to disorder allows me to accept my chaos.