Emma Petrochko
Graphic Design

What is creativity? According to a 2008 issue of the Harvard Business Review, “Creativity has always been at the heart of business...By definition the ability to create something novel and appropriate, creativity is essential to the entrepreneurship that gets new businesses started and that sustains the best companies after they have reached global scale.” This stance can be effortlessly validated by Googling the word ‘creativity’—that’s what I did to find that Harvard quote, and unsurprisingly, the other results of the search echoed the Review’sopinion.

The best companies have long ago reached global scale, and the unfortunates who were barred from those boardrooms have no choice but to weaponize their creativity by funneling it into entrepreneurial enterprises in a desperate attempt to reach corporate nirvana. The future of new businesses rests in the effete hands of influencers, entrepreneurs, TED Talkers, and creatives, frenzied and frothing, striving to invent something “novel and appropriate”—new but approved, different but the same. Creativity is, at its worst, a performatively progressive strategy to scale the echelons of the dominant social order; at its best, an empty aesthetic frivolity indulged only to boost morale. The promotion of creativity should be viewed as sinister by those who profess to be enemies of neoliberal capitalism, but I suggest that you join me in embracing the reality that this system is inescapable.

Relax, and let yourself be soothed by the sights and sounds of innovation.