Ethan Brincefield
Photography & Media

Sound fills the air. Motion is subtle. Place generates atmosphere.
Sensations are complex.

By repeatedly visiting sites, usually in close proximity to a natural body of water, and planting myself there, distractions start to dissipate, and I become more aware of the environment in which I reside. Through time and openness to the details around me, I notice this level of immersion that takes over and makes place more tangible. Creeks, streams, rivers, and pools are active landscapes that tether the present while simultaneously point to the past. I imagine the events that took place to create these forms and features, like an ongoing investigation that I never seem to fully realize but feel compelled to make continuous attempts.

The areas I find are alive with action—some wild with sensation and some more subtle but intricate in detail. I am driven to make video, take photographs, record audio and then generate something new that enhances the idea of self-aware immersion. Certain places seem to demand my time in a way that causes me to document the area in a reactionary manner. By these actions I build work to transmit findings collected from time spent
engulfed in the landscape.