Grace Wright
Painting & Drawing

Grace Wright (American, b. 1998) is a Chattanooga based artist pursuing her relationship with the mundane via painting, and her phone’s camera roll. Wright’s current series, Untitled (The Little Things) delves into her experiences of noticing and interacting with common objects in the everyday. Capturing them with her phone camera, Wright paints from the photos, emphasizing her relationship with these little things and the role they play in her life–highlighting beauty in the mundane. This series will be included in an exhibition open at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Chattanooga in April 2022. Wright is expected to receive a BFA in Painting and Drawing from UTC, to graduate in 2022. Her work was recently included in Tiny Things at Wavelength Space in Chattanooga from December 2021 - January 2022.

Images from Untitled (The Little Things), 2022-ongoing

Artist Statement:

Derived from seemingly expendable photos on my phone, The Little Things focuses on the overlooked aspects of daily life—snapshots of products on my shopping list, a trinket I was excited to rediscover in my room, a meal I worked hard to prepare for myself—all moments of intended productivity or celebration. Painted on panels reflecting the shape of a smartphone, these images are elevated by the attention and care I project onto them via painting. What begins as an offhanded picture results in a sentimental depiction of that slice of reality. In every photo I choose to reference, part of my fingers or hand is present, emphasizing the relationship I form with the mundane objects in my life. This intimacy of touch is integral to how I gift significance to the banal. Beauty is everywhere, accessible to the searching eye, and it is my goal to find it in the rubble of information amidst the everyday. What is this thing in my hand trying to say to me? Let me pick it up, listen, paint it; I’m sure we’ll have a lovely conversation.