Jamie Highlander
Graphic Design

Inhale... exhale. An action that is simple and involuntary, yet in my busy and chaotic life, it is difficult to slow down and process the breathing within an environment.

While I frequently visited Green Gorge Park near my home on Signal Mountain, TN, I found revisiting the same place and hike made the space feel familiar yet distinct. The park has multiple entrances and contains multiple options for distance via the three bridges connecting the paths. As I visited the space, I began to notice how the environment was constantly changing within this short hike. Nature started to bring restfulness to my fast-paced schedule, and how this natural space transformed into a safe place where I could experience mental healing from the stress of everyday life. Going to the same place but starting on different entrances allowed me to see the space from different perspectives. This led me to many discoveries within the environment as I consciously slowed down, breathed, and reflected.

Compiling these discoveries from the inhale and exhale process of gathering photographs and notes, I designed Breathe, an accordion book that weaves back and forth like the rising and falling of a chest. The inhalation process included seeing the space through the changing seasons, how the park had glimpses of green all year long, and the beauty within a decaying tree changing within the environment. Meditating on the information gathered and tracing over the photographs I took brought an exhale process of seeing abstract and simple line drawings.

The double-sided accordion book allows you to move your body and encourage interactions with both the photographs and line drawings encouraging you to form your own discoveries as well.