Jenni Mainor
Photography & Media

Jenni Mainor (American, b. 2000) experiments with warping her self-portraits through hands on and digital image manipulation. Mainor begins by having photoshoots in her studio, wearing monochromatic clothing and using emotional body language that mirrors their feelings towards each color. Through a rigorous cycle of color editing, in-motion scanning and photoshop she reinvents herself through intense distortion. Scanning and rescanning their images allows for a hands on element she considers important to this body of work. Mainor takes an interest in changing perceptions of reality regarding herself, others and how others view them. Color theory and emotion heavily influence this experimental series, “Exploration of the Digital and Physical Cosmos pt. 2.”

Artist Statement:

Through continuous experimentation I have found I am interested in creating images that make bodies appear unreal. This series, Exploration of the Digital and Physical Cosmos pt. 2, began through becoming unrecognizable in my printed self-portraits by repetition of digital and physical manipulation. I have evolved this body of work from self-portraits to portraits of others. Through multiple cycles of the camera, varying software, color changing and in-motion scanning I produce warped and distorted versions of myself and others. Each time I move the photographs through this cycle of destruction it’s a surprise on what comes out the other side. Every time I add on another layer of distortion the images become more disguised; perceptions of reality warped. I am drawn to the patterns and layers that reveal themselves through the image making process, it is rewarding to view the final products after such extensive procedures.

Exploration of color theory and psychology, in addition to how emotions relate to them, heavily influence my work. Altering yourself to please others is also a topic that impacts this body of work. I manipulate these images in ways that reflect various emotion, reinforcing the idea of people pleasing. I work with color, body language and various levels of distortion to emphasize the feeling of each image. Through the variety in my images I capture the essence of day to day emotions and how difficult it can be to deal with them as well as changing yourself to match others’ ideas of you. More often than not I find myself wishing I felt amazing all the time, able to express my true self every day. However, that is easier said than done but accepting all the challenges that life has to offer is part of the human experience. This series is an experiment of creation through camera, color, computer and body.