Jonathan Howe
Photography & Media

Objects can become representations – a set of associations tied to memories and experiences. The balloon I brought home from the circus, the shoes I wore to church, and the toy soldiers I played with, are all objects that I associate with my upbringing and environment. Working from an autobiographical standpoint allows me to reflect on my own experiences while still developing a broader framework for the visual and material culture of my surroundings. 

As empty vessels, objects themselves carry no meaning other than the associations placed upon them. Associations are placed upon objects by the viewer and by the collector. Compiling images of my environment and images of objects allows me to define the lens through which these objects are interpreted and understood. Free-floating associations from my own specific viewpoint blend with the associations held by the viewer in an exploration of the relationship between experience, memory, and culture. Though some images and objects are seemingly obscure, their placement allows for new interpretations of self-conception related to queer identity. 

Bound and tied together in the physical form of a magazine, my objects are in dialogue with each other. Compiled of images of people, places, and objects, magazines become the ideal example of a specific cultural viewpoint. While relying on this form of representation, my art attempts to create relationships with culture, experience, and memory.