June Hyde
Graphic Design

June Hyde (American, b. 2000) explores materiality and language, utilizing the powers of collage and typography to break down, reinforce, or alter meaning. Hyde values labor in her designs, making her works relatable, digestible, and inviting through her material usage and handcraft. Her current thesis work combines the mediums of video and collage. It merges a heavily digitized space with handcraft, making her labor further evident and creating a portfolio piece that encapsulates her design process.

Hyde will receive a BFA in Graphic Design from UTC (2022). She is the editor for this year’s issue of Sequoya Review, UTC’s literary magazine, and her work will be on view in the 2022 BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art at UTC from April 12-22, 2022.

Artist Statement:

My art practice begins with experimentation and play before developing a concept, collecting found materials from my daily encounters with visual content and physical materials. I never want this process to disappear in my final designs, making works that highlight the experimental nature of my practice. I am interested in visual culture and its language, making my works relatable, digestible, and inviting through my labor. In Distraction, I utilize the powers of collage and video to merge handcraft with a heavy digitized medium, creating a piece that encapsulates my working process.

This external working process is a product of my dislike towards introspection. Materials and circulating content have become an escape, viewing and getting lost in others’ stories rather than diving deep into my own mind. Through the manipulation of materials found in daily life, I highlight my labor while simultaneously providing others an escape from reality. My work confuses the concept of originality by reinventing it and breaking its form, challenging its finality, language, constructed essence, and trustworthiness.