Katie Kricko
Painting & Drawing

My studio is a lab for experimenting. I am on a quest for uninhibited creativity. I am learning to embrace my impulsivity and let it consume me.

Every choice must have meaning.

Chance can dictate the work coming together or falling apart. I find myself working against the expectations that I have placed on myself.

Don’t make work too cliché.

What is your concept?

Does color choice overwhelm the work?

In this search, have I created new and different expectations for myself? I am painting things that are important to me. There is an attachment I find in things that have no purpose, but if I can provide one, I can justify keeping them.

Is your imagery important?

Does your work have purpose?
Playful work isn’t serious.

Can I find peace in letting go and being unattached? Or is it found in having a love and appreciation for the things you have and own? Is pushing your own boundaries better than pushing those beyond you?

I am questioning the wrong things.