Kyle Cumberton

Story is man’s greatest invention. Without the wheel we’d be men without wheels, but without story we’d be apes with science, lacking sympathies and understanding in any perspective that is not our own. In my study of story I’m looking to find the greatest way to create a sympathetic bond between audience and character. I lack an interest for characters that are good people. Those who do good all the time have no need for my sympathies are not often good for a laugh and more often downright boring. claiming to be pure not because they have been triumphant in adverse situations, but because they have never experienced adverse situations. Big accusation I know, but if that happens to be the case? What is true good in action?

A soldier is ordered by a superior to execute children under the justification that the children will grow into evil; is that soldier a hero for fighting the enemy or are they monsters executing children? Are the soldiers also victims of circumstance? Most wish to do right, but one’s perception of right is only what they are told and what their peers accept. If your peers all believe the children will grow into evil, who are you to say they will not, unless you are evil too? Ain't that a Knee slapper! Good is good and bad is bad but each is different to each and we all get to hate each other for being more bad than ourselves. Oh, how fun it is to be human! My goal is not to tell the story of the good or the bad, but help the audience understand why an individual commits the acts they do even when viewed as heinous by their peers, to explore the emotions of the characters who commit these actions and how they rationalize them, and how they maintain that lustful belief that they are a good person doing good things. The amount of cowards in this world reacting to their fears far outweigh the brave heroes, and the sooner we confront our own cowardice, the sooner we can accept the cowardice of others. Even giving it and all its worth the ole playful point and laugh. God willing!