Lauren Nichols
Photography & Media

Untitled explores universal memories and shared experiences through associations to nostalgia and the formation of childhood memories through the stories of others. This series presents the dissociative sensation that emerges when one realizes their early memories largely come from a dialect of common ties—family stories, snapshots, and ephemera used to situate us in a time and place we cannot actually remember on our own. This idea of reminiscing on life brings me an immense amount of discomfort, the role of forgetting and previous monuments now living only as souvenirs given to me by others.

Our minds have a way of losing what we never wanted to forget, remembering what we never wanted to feel again, and leaving everything else to find a place to live in our endless tunnels of consciousness. The accounts told of the images of my childhood have led to the creation of abstracted worlds I have developed in response to the stories planted in my mind. They create a web of ideas that surround my life as I know it, and these pictures taken freeze those memories in time, forever allowing them to exist as an idea in anyone’s mind regardless of relevance to their own lives.

As we walk through our lives, we hide memories far back in our head to make room for new ones, and images often become the only reminder to these ideas. Through my exploration of this archive of my life, I invite viewers to find their own associations to their lives in hope of triggering a memorable moment in their lives to spark in their minds and provoking questions surrounding how we form early memories that may not belong to us.