Lilith Jackson
Graphic Design

Fence at riverview park - long walks in circles around the perimeter of the park, as i note every hole in the barrier

Umbrella bucket at great grandmother Ruthie’s house - A door frame with peeling paint sits directly to my right as I watch Jeopardy with her. Beside the door frame is a bucket containing a cane, an umbrella, and a gun. She hears cats fighting on the porch and threatens to shoot them if they don't go away.

Cicada shell - mom reaches towards the tree outside of their office, the arbutus tree’s peeling bark is covered in cicada shells. Mom puts one of them on their sweater vest, and asks for my hand to give me one too.

Air mattress - he yells and pushes me into the air mattress that is balancing on the edge of the couch, as he turns to grab a pickle jar to throw, I run.

Shelf of tins at grandmother Lynn’s house - I glance up at the tall shelf lining the room in old tins showing little scenes or product labels. She reminds me not to touch them even though they are far from my reach.

Train at soccer field, away game - the train whistles, the coach yells, and my head spins. I had just discovered that two of my best friends had attempted suicide. I can’t move, and all I can hear is the train. 

Russian nesting dolls - I dispose of the smallest dolls, using the hollow insides to hide away little trinkets, paper notes, and razors

White rabbit candy - mom and dad walk with  me into the store, my dad hands me a bag of candy with white rabbits all over it. I hold it on my tongue to feel the rice paper melt, I cringe and he laughs. 

Scissors - i give my cat a haircut and clip his ear on accident. I am banned from the use of scissors until my twelfth birthday. 

Grandma’s watch - I sit on her lap and fiddle with her watch as she watches the news, an old metal band that pinches me wraps around her arm. I grin as I press the button on the side and the watch lights up. 

Tracks on sidewalk - my mom and I go on a walk in the neighborhood. I insist on stopping at one block of concrete with impressions of various animals’s paw prints. This is my favorite piece of concrete.