Molly Bowman
Photography & Media

Molly Bowman (American, b.1998) is a multi-disciplinary artist working at the intersection, between photography, sculpture, and video. Her work is influenced by her childhood memory and explores how our personal perception of a place changes as we grow older. Referencing digitized home videos, found blueprints and lost film to create a dollhouse of her childhood home. This home is a physical placeholder of memory. Everchanging with the years, a stored safety net of memories, now reflected into space. This work, “201” will be displayed from March to April of 2022, within the Institute of Contemporary Art located at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Molly Bowman will hold a Bachlelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in May of 2022.

Artist Statement:

My studio practice is rooted in the exploration of how memory and time interact and disrupt our personal perception of a place. Information is often lost in the process of remembering. This forces our minds to fill in the gaps, causing our current reality to appear jaded. My practice has become an exploration of what my rose-colored views on my childhood are, and how my inner child can inform my adulthood. Within this work, 201, I constructed my childhood home in the form of a dollhouse, as well as my bedroom set out of cardboard. This was done using recollection, found blueprints, and images as reference. A flowerbed rests at the base, rooting my memories into something concrete. This home is a physical placeholder for these memories that weigh onto my subconscious. A place I once knew like the back of my hand is now stored within my memory bank, everchanging with the years. Home videos that carry evidence of these stored moments are projected onto these recreations, pouring rays of light with them. In my head, I am returning to the places in which I am loved, a vivid evocation of childhood. Now a stored safety net of memories, reflected into space.