Olivia Tawzer
Painting & Drawing

Go to the bathroom. I’ll be there in a minute. You’re getting spanked because I love you and you gotta learn. If you clench it’ll hurt more.

He’s a good boy. You just gotta show ‘im who’s boss. Used to dig holes all in the yard but he learned he was in for a wallop if he kept that shit up. Now he’s old and tired, got this limp that gets real bad in the winter. I let ‘im sleep inside on cold nights. Damn vet’s so expensive.

My eyes are about shot, man. Can’t hardly see shit anymore. Bought these fancy glasses I never wear, hurts my head. Body’s not what is used to be, either. Used to do fifty pushups every morning till the arthritis started gettin’ bad.

That boy had it coming, talkin’ shit like that. Thought he could take me cuz I’m skinny. I put ‘im in a cradle in front of all of his friends.

I got this thing I can’t shake off. Feel like I’ve been a boring person lately. I gotta switch something up soon. Don’t know what. I’ve been searching for something. Wrestling with my spirituality. Yearning. There’s something out there but it ain’t talking to me.