Rachel Mascali
Painting & Drawing

Rachel Mascali is an installation artist exploring neurodivergence and material documentation of decision making as it relates to overstimulation. Her stylistic considerations are focused on maximalist, grotesque, and playful immersive experiences. Mascali incorporates various mediums—just to name a few, ink, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, crayon, airbrush, collage, sculpture, found materials— in order to achieve this.

Mascali is interested inhow her observation shave an inseparable relationship with space—how the space ultimately echoes what thoughts circulate within her upon the confrontation of a new surface—and how it is connected to ideas rooted in phenomenology. To project thought as physical material that demonstrates what leads each decision to the next is something in which she is actively engaged.

Mascali is currently pursuing her BFA witha focus in Painting and Drawing and hopes to travel the world creating immersive experiences that allow her to continue to document and share the effects of space on mark making actions.

Images of “Demonstration Disorderly Too,” 2022

Artist Statement:

How long will it exist?
                      That thought.

Trying to establish a pattern–impossible–it is always fleeting. The tendency to abandon it shortly after creation, distracted by another.

Space diverts these thoughts, extracts observations and projects them back through physical materials. Trying to navigate the residue of thoughts to find what leads where, why and how.

The roadblock, a thousand forks in a sea of mixed media with a map too wet to utilize.

Found materials withheld if fondness is aroused, repurposed for surface. Marks made juggling the pins of impulse, consideration, and action must synchronically repel, yet coordinate.

The boundaries of start and finish blur within a cycle of accumulation, a fresh coat, and more accumulation.
                       Fixation and attachment are not options.

The self is inflated and averted, mirrored and distorted.