Silvey McGregor
Graphic Design

Silvey McGregor (American, b. 1998) is a graphic designer who explores the many ways in which a deconstruction/reconstruction process to find new truths within each composition. Her work is process-driven, often discovering the next step to take while working, and rarely with the end goal in mind. Much of her work begins with archival materials from her own family history and her personal lifetime, to work through her own understanding of who she is while celebrating the beauty of the archive.
Her recent work, If This Time, a 75-page hardback yearbook, takes on an editing process in the deconstruction and reconstruction of pages from her old yearbooks. It is a work that challenges one’s understanding of who they are while drawing attention to the nostalgia and complicated feelings of revisiting buried memories. McGregor is expected to hold a BFA in Graphic Design in May of 2022. 

If This Time, 2022

Artist Statement:

In retrospection, memories have a way of feeling outside of you – disconnected from the internal you.
For as long as I can remember, I have thought of myself in past versions that have been buried and forgotten as I change and grow. Because of this, I have a fascination with the things left behind and the marks that I make on the things I touch throughout my life. This way of thinking of touch inspired me to create work about the beauty of artifacts and human connection. It celebrates the way that an individual’s identity can be held in the materiality of the things that belong to them and the spirit of that can carry to others through the touch of the thing.

I am interested in work that focuses on these sorts of attachments to identity that are materially connected and am drawn to the notion of revisiting memories through physically interjecting my own edits into them.