Summer Tomes
Painting & Drawing

My environments evaporate, evolve, and become distorted as the relationship I have with myself slips. Subconscious isolation forces distance between myself and contentment. Discovering healing strategies creates comfort, and pain slowly loses its footing. I confront the spaces I inhabit, and isolation turns to solitude. However, this process isn’t linear. Back and forth. Left and right. Growth and regression. Intrusive thoughts, actions, and words, act as roadblocks on the track to recovery. Impulsive communication leaves lasting impressions and alters our reality.

As I reflect on my own experiences, I consider the rash nature of what’s been said. By examining the language used in intimate conversations, I’ve been humored, surprised, and even frightened. I aim to embrace the absurdity, the darkness, and the child-like emotions that are pushed aside as we enter into adulthood. If we actively take stock of the duality that healing presents, grace and acceptance may present themselves.