Tanner Mikus
Graphic Design

Tanner Mikus (b. 1999) is interested in relationships between persons and things. Their practice is aware of the connective tissue between physical objects and the people who use them. They cultivate a designer's outlook and utilize the attention to detail present in the process of design to curate objects of their own, manifesting in a physical space. These objects seek to communicate, through the coded language of signs and symbols known as semiotics, person to object relationships and what it means to be a part of these relationships. Mikus plans to develop this into a further practice of signs and meaning through the art of tattoo after graduation from UTC. Their work Body Of A Saint is currently exhibited at the ICA as part of UTC Art’s 2022 senior thesis show.

Artist Statement:

Here lies the body of a saint. Once a mere object, now a thing of precious value. Changed through the act of a miracle, these relics offer us a chance to feel the touch of the divine as it once coursed through these things. A saint is more than just a thing that has proven itself of higher value than an object, it is an example of the furthest height of recognition. A truly venerable object becomes a saintly thing. Captured here in all their glory, as static as bones. If only they could speak, what would they say?