Valorie Rimmer 
Photography & Media

Valorie Rimmer (American, b. 1997), graduating from the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga in 2022, is a Chattanooga-based artist that is interested in technology, video games, and interactivity. Embracing a DIY approach to these ideas, she uses any and all kinds of technology to suit her art, from motion capture devices made from Xbox cameras to turning an old helmet into an auditory experience. Valorie strives to investigate deeper into how these older technologies can be altered and used to discuss emotions and feelings that are often too difficult to discuss.

Her last work, But We Made Maccaroni Together 2020, was last on display during Immortal Messages, along with a film she made titled Queer Noir 2020 being the Sequoya Review 2021. Valorie is interested in continuing her academics by going to grad school, while also pursuing internships and residencies in the local Chattanooga area. Her piece If I Could Kill Myself for a Year will be shown during the Senior BFA thesis show starting Apr 13, 2022.

Artist Statement:

Finding the light at the end of the tunnel is not always an easy task to accomplish. Sometimes you get lost in the dark and there seems to be no end like you are aimlessly wandering, wondering if there ever will be an end. Seemingly stuck with your feelings, waiting for something different to happen. These feelings of confusion and fear are deeply tied both into my work, driving the creation of every moment whether it be on the computer or built by hand, or my personal life, living as a Queer Transwoman. The player is thrust into a world that has no discernable reason, giving full control of the end goal, whether that is attainable or not. Drawing heavy inspiration from Harun Farocki and Andrea Zittel, If I Could Kill Myself for a Year guides the player through this uncomfortably liminal space, bound by its own laws and logic. As I continue to grow with my knowledge in 3D modeling and coding I am going to continuously add to this game, contributing to the end goal of creating a labyrinth of emotions and experiences.